About US

We produce raw materials for concrete, sand and crushed stones, water, delivering raw materials and supplies to any location across Egypt using our transportation fleet. We produce materials essential for human progress. Al-Bonian Al-Arabi is a mining and transportaion company operating

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What do we do?


Explore & Evaluate

We use some of the most advanced exploration technologies in the world to find potential new sources of minerals and metals. And we consider new products and operations with an understanding of our customers' and communities' needs. We are also mindful of More Details

Develop & Innovate

We assess each potential operation with a focus on risk, potential returns, and long-term sustainability and value. Once we have approved an investment, we design and build each operation. We aim to develop every potential site to achieve optimal, long-term productivity while More Details

Mine & Process

A safe site is a productive site, and advanced technologies are playing a more important role in how we achieve both. We also share best practices across our assets to create safe, environmentally responsible working practices and a high-performing culture that targets production at lower costs. At More Details

Market & Deliver

Our minerals and materials are used in a vast array of everyday products – from small houses to mega projects to infrastructure. Our Commercial team ensures that we manage our products in line with market and customer needs. And our network of More Details

Repurpose & Renew

We aim to design and run our assets to create a positive legacy once our mining activity concludes. Applying this approach could entail rehabilitating the land for a nature reserve, for example, or repurposing it for light industrial use. Each of our sites has More Details

Business Structure

Al-Bonian Al-Arabi is a mining and transportaion company operating in around 11 cities across Egypt. Our purpose is to produce the materials essential to human progress. Our four product groups bring this purpose to life: Crushed stones, Sand  & Cement, Water and Logistics. These are complemented by our Growth & Innovation and Commercial groups, as well as our service and support functions.

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